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Company Jiří Vaněk - Engineering is an engineering company with headquarters and manufacturing complex in Ostrava, Czech Republic with the tradition of production since 1990.

The company employs 180 blue-collar workers, who are driven by 40 technical staff, including 8-member senior management.

Company production is organized in terms of the production process into four main production units: primary production, metalworking, production of subassemblies and assembly.The process itself of course includes also technical preparation, programming and design of products. Technological and design department are considered a technical brain of the company. Engineers take full advantage of opportunities for technological equipment, optimum utilization of materials and manufacturing park, machine time and assembly capabilities.

For complex procurement propose a new design and visual solutions products and their parts. Jiri Vanek company focuses on modern systems in management, quality control, logistics, economic demands of production and human resources. Investments were made in new production technologies in serial and fully automatic bending materials - integrated robotic welding laser working in the field of automatic welding and bending metal center.

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